Blister Packing

We provide Weekly, Bi-Weekly and Monthly Blister-Packing of your medication(s). This service is free of charge and is easy to begin! Bring in your medications and our team of pharmacists and technicians will ensure you receive the right medications at the right time everyday. Available to everyone!

Blood Glucose Monitoring

Need a Blood Glucose Monitoring Device or don’t know how to use your Blood Glucose Monitoring Device? – No Problem! We carry various Brand Name devices, lancets and needles for all your Diabetic needs. We are trained to help our customers use them!

Medication Return Program

Return your unused or expired medications safely and securely! The BC Medications Return Programs makes disposing of medications easy. Just drop them off at the Pharmacy at no extra charge and let BCMRP dispose of all your medications according to health and environmental regulations.


Flu Vaccinations During Flu Season – come in and see how you can be covered today!

Private Consultations

Book an appointment today to discuss your medications with a pharmacist today! We believe knowledge is power especially in health care. If you ever wonder if there is something better out there for you, if your confused about your insurance plan or you are worried you may be taking too many medications –  a private consultation with the pharmacist is just what the doctor ordered!

Blood Pressure Monitoring

Don’t have a Blood Pressure Monitor at Home? – No Problem! Our Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN) on site provides Blood Pressure Monitoring on a Weekly Basis. Stop into the pharmacy to make an appointment today.

Sigvaris Fitting & Supplies

Sigvaris Medical Stockings Available – Our technicians have specialty training to provide you with the perfect fit. We can size you on site and ensure you receive the perfect size, color and design. No prescription required.


We like providing one stop-shopping for our clients and on-site compounding ensures you don’t have to go elsewhere for your specialty creams and ointments. Ask us today!


We provide Delivery to many of our clients at no extra charge! Phone us today and see if your eligible for home delivery today!

Got a question? Visit us today and we’ll be more than happy to help you out.